Motiv Inteligence


We follow global standards for programmatic, which allows us to connect demand and supply with ease.


  • OpenRTB

    The Real-Time Bidding system allows your inventory to be valued at a competitive price.

  • Monetization consulting

    Our promise to increase your revenue by providing competitive price for your premium app.

  • Mediation

    You can maximize your profit easily with our mediation solution.


  • Native AD

    We are the 1st in Korea to support Native Ad format that suits publishers app UI.

  • Video AD

    We are the only video Ad Exchange in Korea.
    Supported Video Formats: Interstitials, Reward, Native

  • Support TV/PC/Mobile

    We support all devices from Mobile to PC and TV.


ExelBid ensures high profit through various deal types.
  • Open Auction

    We support basic Real-Time Bidding auction for all of our demand partners.

  • Private Auctions

    Private bidding for demand partners who wish to pay a higher price to buy premium inventories upfront.

  • Preferred Deals

    Allows premium app publishers to sell their inventories first to our TOP tier DSPs with a higher price.

  • Programmatic Direct

    Publishers can use our platform to manage their direct-sales campaigns.


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