Motiv Inteligence


Right messages to the right person at the right time through the most effective channel.


  • From Mobile to TV

    TV/PC/Mobile - Crosstarget DSP delivers a seamless and connected experience to your target users.

  • Support various ad formats

    We support all formats that fulfill your need from banner to interstitials, natives, video, and TV.

  • Insight report

    Our pivot table report allows you to customize the data and obtain full insights about your campaign

  • Self-Serve DSP(beta)

    If you want to manage your campaigns on your own, we also provide Self-Serve DSP.


We find your target user out of the 40 million user database and deliver your brand message most efficiently.

1st Party Data

We evaluate campaign performance with our client's 3rd party analytic's data with our own CTS ( Conversion Tracking System).

SK Planet DMP

Our partnership with SKP allows us to access SKP's DMP, which contains 500 + audience segmentation data. SKP's data includes user's search, shopping cart items, navigation destination data and more.

Smart Audience

Through 20 million app download history and more than 40 Billion monthly behavior insights, we target our advertiser's potential customers.

Hyper Local

Location data targeting allows us to target specific users who have visited specific locations. (ex. Airport, Golf-club, baseball park certain apartments, etc.)

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Performance & Transparency
Affolio NCPI Platform
CPI/CPA platform that is connected to 100+ global partners and allows advertisers to acquire their users cost-effectively.
  • No Abusing

    Reliable performance with strong anti-fraud.

  • Report

    Check conversion and event rate for each channel with a glance.

  • Global Traffic

    Partnership with 50+ Top Global Affiliates allows Affollio to run campaigns both domestically and internationally.

  • KPI Type

    CPI, CPA, CPS - any KPI model is available.


Customer Data Platform
From customer acquistion to engagement, and retention,
CDP is an integrated marketing funnel management solution.


  • IPTV

    2018.10 First Programmatic TV launch with Btv in Korea.
    2019 HomeChoice, Olleh Tv, and U+ TV integration (expected).

  • ADX

    6 Billion Bids Processes per Month

  • NCPI

    Launch of Affolio, CPI/CPA platform, for quality control with 100+ premium affiliates.


    Integration with the world's top analytics tool enables OnnuriDMC to manage campaigns with transparency.